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Saved by the [browser,bell]

Ok- that weird symbol thing in the title can be explained. When a client asks you to “spin” an article, you’re supposed to give them interchangeable words in brackets, so that they can turn your article into an infinite number of identical-ish articles just by spinning it. Here’s an example: I went to the mall […]

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Are You an Undervalued WAHM?

The neighbor thinks you can babysit on a whim because “you’re home” A salesperson tells you to “ask your husband” if you can make a purchase No one believes you make more than your husband You work while the kids are sleeping You work while the kids are napping You work while the kids are […]

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Almost like being a drug tester

But not quite; Yesterday while I was spending 6 hrs at the hospital with G1 to discover that 1- it wasn’t medically wrong of me to “help” her abcessed tooth/gum thing drain out; and 2-my sterilization techniques were adequate and admirable and 3- my instincts were correct regarding the immediate need for frequent spitting and […]


Do You know the Secret?

Several years ago, I read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, it was like an Oprah AHA moment. The message was, trust your instincts, trust that things always turn out for the best, trust that things will always turn out the way you want them. Don’t stress about things because that doesn’t work and it […]