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New Freelance Writing Opp- On Facebook???

Imagine that- a freelance writing money-making application on facebook. It’s new, I can tell that there are conflicts between the writers and the editors (name a relationship more doomed?) Anyway- here it is, have you ever come across a TERRIBLE WEBSITE?  Where everything is spelled wrong, or the English is poorly translated?  That’s what this […]

Making Money Online Web Content Writing working online Writing Writing Opportunities

I’m writing for Examiner now

I just wanted to announce that I was recently made the Seattle Homeschooling Examiner. All the other writer-moms are doing it, right? I’ll admit, my first two articles aren’t brilliant, but why waste brilliance at the beginning, right? So now when all the other writer-moms are talking about their experiences and advice for The Examiner, […]

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Freelance Writers Needed; Freelance Writing Opportunities

There’s never been a better time than the present for becoming a freelance writer. There are so many opportunities. This is the information age. If you have a burning desire to write and tell a story, to share information and resources then you are ready to take the next step. You can find information for […]