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Don’t Spell Things Wrong in Your Header, Dummy

While looking for sites to write for, I came across Just Articles, I didn’t apply because they have a spelling error in their header. Maybe I’m lame. I sometimes spell things wrong, but given the subject matter of the site and the prominent placement of the error you’d think they’d have noticed.

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Easy almost-writer Jobs any mom can do from home

Um- Okay technically the term would be content producer. Forum Booster is a service that helps create conversations on new message boards to stir up conversations and get people talking. They pay writers to go have bogus conversations on the new website’s message boards, so that when the real visitors arrive, it looks like people […]

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Absent, busy, me

I haven’t posted much on any of my blogs this week. I suddenly realized the power of this little job I’ve got. it’s called UNLIMITED INCOME, I just have to do it. And I wasn’t doing it. Now I am, instead of posting to these blogs. My mantra these days is “saving my house $5 […]

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Choosing a payment method

One of the websites I work for offers me the option of a monthly paypal deposit or a check, which they mail out quarterly. I always opt for paypal in these situations, because it’s faster and I don’t (even though I should) care about the fees. She had an interesting perspective, though and I’m going […]

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Ebooks for Success

Send me some recommendations, please. I know Guy Lecke’s keywords cracker was very insightful. I’m sure you SEO wizards have all used the Google keyword tool to see how popular certain search terms are, but then there’s all that other info, like CPM and CPC, what’s up with that? Is it better to use the […]