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Web Content Providers Quick Easy Online Income for Moms

Become a writer writing content for websites. Moms can set their own hours and get writing jobs from home. Become a writer and write web content for the Internet. A web content provider writes articles for internet websites. For example; if you make and sell baby sling carriers, more people will find your site if […]

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Freelance Writing for Bella Online

BellaOnline does not pay writers directly, instead they allow writers to place up to 2 affiliate links at the bottom of their articles. BellaOnline has a supportive social environment whereby writers from each section help each other succeed. Site owner, Lisa Shea has coordinated programs to help writers create and market e-books and dvds. If […]

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Don’t Spell Things Wrong in Your Header, Dummy

While looking for sites to write for, I came across Just Articles, I didn’t apply because they have a spelling error in their header. Maybe I’m lame. I sometimes spell things wrong, but given the subject matter of the site and the prominent placement of the error you’d think they’d have noticed.