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Are You an Undervalued WAHM?

The neighbor thinks you can babysit on a whim because “you’re home” A salesperson tells you to “ask your husband” if you can make a purchase No one believes you make more than your husband You work while the kids are sleeping You work while the kids are napping You work while the kids are […]

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Be a Wahm

I just found the WAHM website, and I highly recommend their message boards. There are so many forums with information on companies that hire home workers. Women send announcements whenever their WAHM company is hiring, and let other moms know about it, so they can apply. It’s a fantastic resource, the women are very supportive […]

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Easy almost-writer Jobs any mom can do from home

Um- Okay technically the term would be content producer. Forum Booster is a service that helps create conversations on new message boards to stir up conversations and get people talking. They pay writers to go have bogus conversations on the new website’s message boards, so that when the real visitors arrive, it looks like people […]

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Negativity in Social Networking

I’ve been twittering, and I recently started to “follow” a gal with an awesome website. Most of the people I follow share resources and other pertinent information via twitter. It’s been a lot of fun asking a question and getting instant responses from my mom-blogging colleagues. I expected, when I began to follow this girl, […]