Dumb job offer of the day

Im looking to hire someone who can help me write a book on me.  I have title in mind  I will also do life time royality to the writer along with upfront fee to write a book…  I m only lookign for serious writer..if interested, plz pm me thanks. The buyer was willing to pay […]


I quit a job today.

Here’s the letter I wrote I’m done with this job, I hope you find someone who can put up with the wide variety of trivial personal preferences that each editor seems to have. One day an article isn’t focused enough, one day it is too focused. (name of company) is great, the ever-changing whims of […]


July 2008 Stats

Became the Budget Decor Editor for BellaOnline.comBecame the Homeschooling Feature Writer for Suite101Niche Website launched in June has already earned more than I paid for it-Launching another in August DS earnings – 585Izea – 24HBC – 395Suite – 26.54Web Design 200Other- 340total July – 1570.54


June 2008 Stats

Suite 101 $26.54 and posted 6 articlesHotels $375DS $870 Total $1271.54 Giving up on the Hotels thing, I hate it.Participating in a 30 Queries in 30 days thing, to get published in a higher paying magazine marketLaunched a niche website with a weekly newsletter (26 subscribed), forums (28 subscribed) bla bla bla


May 2008 Stats

I’ve been slacking on the stat updates lately, because I”ve actually been WORKING and not just messing around. except now. Here’s what I did in May and June is ALREADY BETTER. $39 from PPP$15 for completing a survey$30.44 from Suite 101 and published 4 articles$490 from hotel reviews$750 from demand media Total for May 2008 […]

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Almost like being a drug tester

But not quite; Yesterday while I was spending 6 hrs at the hospital with G1 to discover that 1- it wasn’t medically wrong of me to “help” her abcessed tooth/gum thing drain out; and 2-my sterilization techniques were adequate and admirable and 3- my instincts were correct regarding the immediate need for frequent spitting and […]


Reasons to be Independent

I just found yet again another blog from a woman whose husband just up and died. I am in shock. The emotion is so raw. This is the second one I have come across lately. The first one was a mystery illness that took Jim away from his wife and six kids in less than […]