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Saved by the [browser,bell]

Ok- that weird symbol thing in the title can be explained. When a client asks you to “spin” an article, you’re supposed to give them interchangeable words in brackets, so that they can turn your article into an infinite number of identical-ish articles just by spinning it. Here’s an example: I went to the mall […]

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Twitter Funnies

Twitter has a feature that allows users to make favorites of tweets they like, I just don’t see the point, but I’ve been doing it anyways. Here are my favorite tweets, I chose original (non reply) tweets that stand alone and hold way more than 140 characters of meaning or humor. revision: Hard to believe […]

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Negativity in Social Networking

I’ve been twittering, and I recently started to “follow” a gal with an awesome website. Most of the people I follow share resources and other pertinent information via twitter. It’s been a lot of fun asking a question and getting instant responses from my mom-blogging colleagues. I expected, when I began to follow this girl, […]

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EntreCard Rates

Is it my imagination or did Entrecard totally change the way their Ad prices are determined. If I remember correctly, didn’t it used to be based upon hits or card drops? And now it’s based upon what- how many people are waiting to advertise on your site? Hmmm- Yeah- I just checked the campaigns page […]

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Entrecard trick

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox and you bookmark all of the entrecard sites you frequent (like 10 or 20 sites in one folder) then all you need to do is “open all in tabs” Once they’re all open, just click to each tab, whatever is on top is new content, comment if you feel like […]