Email alerts when CloudCrowd has work

Yep- if you haven’t signed up for the cloud crowd email alerts, get thee bum over to facebook so that you can grab the silly little tasks early before they run out. It’s changes like these that will help the company get more work in the future. They’re improving their infrastructure so they can HANDLE […]


They keep sending me money every day

You know who I’m talking about, it’s this new Cloud Crowd thing on facebook that I have mentioned a few times already. I have to clear up a few things #1- the current job of editing poorly written Chinese Websites is just ONE contract. The makers of CloudCrowd envision having several contracts where workers can […]

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New Freelance Writing Opp- On Facebook???

Imagine that- a freelance writing money-making application on facebook. It’s new, I can tell that there are conflicts between the writers and the editors (name a relationship more doomed?) Anyway- here it is, have you ever come across a TERRIBLE WEBSITE?  Where everything is spelled wrong, or the English is poorly translated?  That’s what this […]