Blogging success working online

Absent, busy, me

I haven’t posted much on any of my blogs this week. I suddenly realized the power of this little job I’ve got. it’s called UNLIMITED INCOME, I just have to do it. And I wasn’t doing it. Now I am, instead of posting to these blogs. My mantra these days is “saving my house $5 […]


Why would you have 6 blogs?

Because the Philipino ladies all do, and I’m thinking that’s how they’re making like $90k per year on their blogging. Links into your blog increase its value. So having multiple blogs that link to one another automatically gives you in links and potentially multiple streams of income Currently, MrsH is my only monetized blog. It’s […]


How to remove Kontera Ads from a post

Yeah- this info was kind of hard to find on their site. I had to remove them from a sponsored post on my normal blog and it took me over an hour to find the answer, so a $5 payment ended up lowering my hourly rate tremendously. I considered saying “forget about the $5” but […]