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My new favorite webwriting agency

I’ve been writing for Blogmutt since December 20, 2013 and almost instantly, they were my #1 favorite place to log into.  Their behind-the-scenes format is so easy to work with.  Instead of blowing their horn here on my website, I’m going to send you directly over to Blogmutt via some links to posts I wrote […]

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Q- How much time should you spend promoting your articles?

A- none. I know there are advocates out there for massive article-promotion campaigns, but I’m not one of them and I’ll tell you why. #1- your article is REALLY only interesting to a few people- people who SEARCH google, yahoo, bing, etc for that information. If your SEO is on target, they will find it. […]

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Review: PayPerPost

When I first started working online I made most of my money through PayPerPost. Websites (including blogs) are “graded” by Google on a scale of zero to ten. The higher your grade, or PageRank, the more companies want their name on your blog. However, if their company isn’t one you’d normally be writing about (you […]