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Sites that Pay Via Adsense

(meaning that your check comes FROM google, not the website) The Google Adsense API is open for approved web developers, so that they can split the revenue from your articles with you. Every time a reader clicks on an ad, you get half (or another percentage) of the income and the developer gets the other […]


What Business Owners Should Know About their Photos

Unless you are in the business of selling your photography, you should probably stop what you’re doing right now and go add a little clause to the bottom of your website that says “All images on this site are copyright _____ and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes without written consent, except in the […]

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Credible References

Argh- I am up to my ears in requests for references from a site I write for. Because when someone goes looking for decorating ideas, it’s irresponsible to give them ideas that aren’t from a credible reference. Credible references are .edu sites and .gov sites, mostly. Because other sites might be slanted. And the .gov […]


Parts of an Employment Contract

Many jobs require their staff to sign a contract of employment. Understanding the limitations and purposes of an employment contract are important for employers and their employees. Employment contracts are legal to the extent that they’re in alignment with local labor laws. In the US, each state defines most of its own labor laws, including […]

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Such a lovely life

We vacationed in the San Juan Islands last week. Actually, we stayed on Whidbey Island and visited San Juan, as well as Port Townsend, Fort Worden State Park (Where An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed) and Deception Pass. In the past, when my husband’s income was our family’s only resource, I’d feel bad about […]