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So you think you can guess my pen name?

pennameI love that so many of you are wanting to support my romance writing by reading my books.  Unfortunately, I made a promise to myself and my neighbor, a fellow author.  I’m not revealing it until I have sold 1 million copies.  It’s true and I’m not going back on a pact that’s been sealed with a pinky-swear. That’s just not neighborly. If you’re not a fan of romance novels, you’re not my target market anyway and if you are, then maybe you’ve already read it. But here’s my promise to you..

1- I swear I’m doing everything humanly possible to reach that 1 million sales goal.  I’m pretty sure I can kick my neighbor’s ass, romance sells way more than wizarding world fiction, with the exception of Harry Potter. Wait- did 50 shades sell more than HP?  I don’t even know, I just know my market is bigger.

2- As soon as I hit that mark, I’ll announce it on my facebook page first, so be sure to follow my personal blog on Facebook so that you don’t miss the announcement.

3- Of course I’m writing about what I know, but I’m also writing about things I don’t know.  Are you in my books? Maybe. Would you recognize yourself? Probably not.  Would anyone else? Definitely not. One of my girl friends was the model for one of my main characters and I was pretty up front when I told her I was writing a fictional novel and the main character was a version of her.  Actually, the only thing that resembled her was that the main character worked as a massage therapist.  When it was done, I let her read it and she was shocked. It didn’t resemble her at all.  There’s a big difference between a book “about” someone and a book “inspired by” someone.  Y’all inspire me, but I don’t exactly write about you.

4- I know a lot of my real-life friends are also succeeding in this business and I think they’re the ones most offended that I’m not sharing this info.  Trust me, it’s not a personal slam and I’m not refusing to accept your help, guidance or tutelage.  I am, you’re just not seeing it.  Or maybe you are.  My pen name has her own online identity and will ask you questions directly if necessary, but she also has her own mentors and coaching available.  Professionals ARE reviewing her work. Refusal to share my pen name with my colleagues isn’t equal to refusing to get the help I need.  I’m doing this. You’re helping. You just don’t know it.

5- Yes, you’re totally welcome to guess.  As a matter of fact, once I hit a million sales I’ll totally be able to afford to give $100 to the person who correctly guesses my pen name.  If you think you’ve figured it out, click here and register your guess.  The first person to guess correctly will win the prize.