On Being a Sellout

I know a lot of super creative writers. I love the idea of self-expression and creating beautiful things with words, but it’s just not my style. I’ve been preparing for a career as a web writer since I was in junior high school.  I used to always get A’s on essays in school.  The secret that I discovered early on was that teachers rarely read the middles. I’d write a killer intro followed by skimmable paragraphs that looked like they said something tangible and then close it out with a final, well-constructed closing paragraph.  This lasted all through high school.  My teachers always commented on what a great writer I was, but I always felt like a fake. I thought my writing was shit and couldn’t imagine why they thought otherwise.

On my personal blog, it’s a rather psychotic combination of personal journal entries and things I’m excited to say out loud.  I wouldn’t call it good writing either. In fact, nothing I write is good.  And that’s not me giving myself a hard time, looking for compliments or being a perfectionist, it’s simply stating a fact. Almost no thought or brain power goes into my writing. I tend to be hit-or-miss picky about spelling and punctuation. I rarely proofread for substance and honestly, sometimes I’m surprised by the things my clients love about my work.

So I don’t really care about being a sellout.

A friend of mine is one of those super creative writers. She puts her heart and soul into her writing and I love to read what she writes. She cares a great deal about writing as a form of self expression and strives to be understood. She writes eloquently and artfully to convey deep emotion without fluff. Her kind of writing is what I enjoy reading when I’m reading for pleasure.

I often intend to write that way when I’m on my personal blog but I never really reach that goal because by the time I say the facts, I’ve lost the desire to ruminate on the best possible way to express myself.

So, I’m a sellout.

I make my living selling words I get with little to no mental investment.  In honor of that, I have made this Tshirt.  Please share this shirt with friends or it won’t get made 🙂