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How to FOCUS on work when you have kids in the room

OK, so in the past my solution to working from home in spite of the fact that I have children was to lock myself in the bedroom and beg, bribe or otherwise encourage (mostly begging) them to leave me alone until this one task is complete. There’s never been a soundproof room in any of my homes, so this only works to the extent that I can tune out whatever is going on outside the door.

But Alas, I have found something that allows me to sit at the kitchen counter and knock out writing assignments in the middle of the day just as quickly as I can at 6am when they’re all asleep.

The solution (for me) is White Noise

Yep, that’s right. That static sound that old TVs used to make when they went off the air for the night. That has been my saving grace.  That and my earbuds.  Wearing a plain old $5 pair of ear buds and listening to white noise louder than my kids’ conversations makes it possible for me to be so much more productive when they’re awake and active.  FINALLY we can share the same space in the middle of the day.  I don’t get to HEAR them much, but I’m much more accessible and much less crabby this way. It’s taken a bit of learning for them to see that I can’t hear them event hough they’re right next to me.  They have learned to weigh their interruptions against my relative attentiveness. Since I’m working at the kitchen counter, I can choose to stop working when I see them starting to prepare foods so that it’s done with little waste and that it all gets cleaned up quickly. So far, this is the perfect solution.  I have this video bookmarked so that I can return to it over and over again, you might want to also.  I now present: My new favorite sounds to work by: