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My new favorite webwriting agency

I’ve been writing for Blogmutt since December 20, 2013 and almost instantly, they were my #1 favorite place to log into.  Their behind-the-scenes format is so easy to work with.  Instead of blowing their horn here on my website, I’m going to send you directly over to Blogmutt via some links to posts I wrote for the company blog:

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Freelance Work-From-Home Opportunity For Seniors

I encourage you to check out the way this company operates.  As part of their compensation plans, writers can “level up” to a point where they’re given a share of the company’s profits.  I’m currently at a level 4 and in the next few weeks I expect to reach level 5, whereby I can officially claim “writer” status on Linkedin and I think at some point I’ll get a T shirt 😉  Honestly I’m not too terribly concerned about the levels, I think it’s a cool system but as a mom of six I’m just glad that I can spend a little time creating web content for other sites and still pay my bills. Not a damned thing is currently scheduled for disconnect and my bank balance isn’t negative. Hooray for little things 🙂  Now, I’m off to get some schoolwork done and write just one more for the day.

It just occurred to me that when I review writing websites I’m much more thorough. I haven’t said much here but I’d like to add that they pay every Monday.  You do have to click the little “submit invoice” thing to request a check. I like that because you can choose how often to pay yourself.  You might want to let it add up on a monthly basis so you can use it effectively.  It goes directly into PayPal which (at my house) means “Gas money for my teenagers.” So there’s no benefit right now for me to let it add up significantly. I do pay a few bills through PayPal, but not a lot. That’s so irrelevant, I have no business writing at this moment. Goodbye, friends.