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If there is one field in the world that changes more than anything I have ever heard of it’s social media optimization. I mean,ten years ago,there wasn’t even any such thing as search engine marketing experts and now they’re the most sought-after people on the web.  Businesses and web designers know they need to make sure their clients are ranking high in search engines and it’s gotten so competitive that some companies are even outsourcing to specific search engine marketing firms that do it all from one location. Not literally,that would actually be ridiculous in a worldwide economy where everyone has access to the same cloud of files,the same information and the same web of information,so there’s no reason that everyone in the company needs to actually work in the same city.  Isn’t it amazing?  Anyway,if you want to learn more about the industry and about some of the companies that are really making important changes in the way business is done online,then check out those links I just posted and you will be amazed,life is so fascinating,isn’t it?