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Why you should never go to

A boycott of Amazon- she must be kidding, right? Relax- I wasn’t calling for a boycott, I was just asking you to never simply type into your browser, that’s all. Whether you’re spending $5 or $500- somewhere there’s a work-at-home mom who could conceivably make a few pennies from the sale. My earnings are enough to pay for my school books every month, plus some other books I want to read just to keep my mind sharp. I know moms who save their Amazon commissions all year long just so they can do their Xmas shopping online.

But when you use your browser to visit instead of clicking on the link in a mom-blog, no mommy benefits. No matter what you buy on your visit, Amazon gives a small (very small) percentage to the person who referred you. If no one refers you, they keep it. It doesn’t cost you any more to shop Amazon from a mom-owned-blog- and it doesn’t cost you any less to go straight to directly.

SOoooo- Bookmark your favorite mommyblog- and change the name to AMAZON SHOPPING in your bookmark menu (or something like that) and next time you’re tempted to shop Amazon- share the commission with someone you care about.

If that’s me- first make sure you’re visiting the permalink for this post (instead of the main site) by clicking here – (permalink for this very post)

Then- access amazon through the magic doorway below- which is a completely random book you don’t even need to order because the minute you arrive, Amazon will KNOW that I sent you and whatever you buy, I will get a small (very small, like 6%) portion of. (to end with a preposition, sorry)

Thanks- AND- I’ll never know who ordered what, but I can see what was ordered. So if you plan to purchase something naughty don’t worry- I’ll never know it was you. all they show me is the name of the item ordered and how much I received for the sale.

Thanks, and have a great day