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How to Write a Roundup Article

Roundup articles are a little like “freebies” for web content writers.  Presumably you’ve been writing in the same niche for a while and have several articles about a few very precise topics.

Mini Touchscreen Laptop - irrelevant but awesome
Mini Touchscreen Laptop - irrelevant but awesome

A roundup article is basically a compilation of all those articles, with links to several of them.

An example of one of my roundup articles is Financial Literacy for Kids for the record, it’s making absolutely no money on Squidoo, in fact, my Squidoo income for about 7 lenses is less than $5. I’m not saying they suck, because I do get clickovers, but I also have not gone through their training yet to see how to maximize income there. I know other writers who do well with the site, but that’s not my goal or my point there. I like them for roundup articles because I can organize excerpts and links to my other work in one easy set of incoming links. It’s all about the incoming link. It also provides me with an easy place to look up my other work on the subject, so I can see what else I’ve done.

OK- so if you take a look at it, you’ll see that I’ve linked to articles on Examiner, Suite101 and eHow. I’ve also linked to an Amazon aStore, embedded into a page on one of my other sites. I also have a paragraph on the bottom with several Amazon links embedded.

Squidoo wants new content added regularly, I fail at the “regularly” part, but I do update them whenever I add a new related topic to my body of work.

If you’re using my “ALL my URL’s” spreadsheet, that should be easy- just by searching the spreadsheet for your keyword or subject, you’ll be able to find related articles for a roundup post.

Other places to publish Roundup Articles:

Examiner.com is an excellent place for roundups because they encourage outgoing links

Your blogs and niche websites are great places for roundups

SheToldMe and Bukisa are also suitable places for roundup articles

Xomba works well for roundup posts

So here’s the Step-By-Step

1- gather the URLs, titles and excerpts for articles in a similar niche

2- compile them into an article for whichever site you’ve chosen (no rule against publishing elsewhere, but you should probably reword them or rearrange the content to avoid duplication. I can think of three techniques for this:

  • a-write a fresh, keyword-rich introduction paragraph and then use each article for its own paragraph, posting excerpts and hyperlinked titles
  • b- write an original article and work in the hyperlinks organically, using meaningful (keyworded) anchor text.
  • c- write an original article and list “You might also like” or “For more information, check out…” or “resources:” at the end of the article

3- tweet, Facebook, Stumble, Digg or something. Whatever your social promotion technique is, apply it to this article just like the others.

4- enjoy the little rankings boost and publicity your other articles get as a result of this “freebie”