Examiner.com fail? Mistake? Wth??

I got a note form the Minneapolis Homeschooling Examiner saying “Just saw that you’re Lisa Jo Rudy too. I thought I was the only examiner to have all my articles eaten by her profile!”

Confused, I headed over to examiner to look up this Lisa Jo- was she stealing my articles?  Hardly- she writes about autism and “informal education.” Cool new topic, but she hadn’t stolen anything from me..

Then I went to my profile

And found hers

And I logged in, wondering if I’d been booted from the system. Everything looked alright in my publishing interface.  So I clicked to view my most recent article..

and there was Lisa Jo Rudy’s profile.


Her profile is getting traffic that’s supposed to be going to my articles.

I wonder how long this has been going on. My last article was 4 days ago, so it hasn’t been too long.


All the links I’ve set up to drive traffic to my articles are now driving traffic to her profile.

Is this deliberate, or is this an accident?

I’ve submitted a help ticket, I’ll keep you posted.

EDITED- support ticket has been received and the issue is queue’d So far my profile and my most recent articles are still being redirected to her profile.  As soon as I see that it’s changed I will place an addendum here

EDITED- the problem has been solved And I just got paid.