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Suite101 earnings, revisited

Almost a year ago, I wrote about my Suite101 earnings, because one writer made $5000 in a month and they finally told us we were allowed to discuss our income.

I’m revisiting that topic this year because the industry has changed a little, so have my earnings and my writing habits and Suite101’s best practices

My Suite 101 Earnings Have Changed

At this point, I have 176 articles and my lifetime earnings at Suite101 are $10,439.22 which breaks down to about $59.31 per article. Last month, I averaged $2.65 per article for the month which is a crying shame compared to last year’s report of over $6 per month per article. To be precise, last year’s calculations were based on the month of August. With most of my articles in the homeschooling section., August is my peak. So far this month, based on my average so far, I’ll be bringing in about $4 per article for the month, which is more than July (predictably) and less than last year. My $/1000 is around $14 which is good, under any circumstances.

The Industry Has Changed

Google is always tweaking its algorithm and they’re now giving more ranking credit to pages that get more social media attention. Incoming links, Facebook “likes” sharing on twitter and other “buzz” about your articles give them each a boost in the SERPS.

I used to preach that social media was such a waste of time because other writers were focusing on it while I was just writing and focusing on SEO.  Now that it matters, I’m setting up automated ways to have my work shared on social media, but “like” spam’ is really going to suck at some point.

Suite101’s Best Practices Have Changed

Because of the May Day algorithm above, we’re encouraged MORE THAN EVER to write high quality articles that people WANT to share.

Also- Suite is now an official news media outlet, so we’re encouraged to keep up with the news in our field, which really makes us better writers anyway.

A little birdy tells me there is a revamp of the featured-writer situation and some editorial changes in the making at Suite101, but I’m not sure where that’s going

The bottom line is- I love that Suite101 changes with the times. I blamed Suite101’s site redesign for my change in income, but the Google May Day update hit about the same time, so it’s hard to tell how effective (or ineffective) the site design really was. I resolve to add MORE content, promote the content I have up there already and to promote the work of other Suite101 writers.  If you’re writing in the Homeschooling section, let me know and I can add you as an administrator to the Facebook page “Homeschooling at Suite101” so you can share your links on Facebook. While you’re there- become a fan, please, I imagine that the number of fans a page has will increase its rank. it also increases the likeliness that your article will be shared again.