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How to Access Clipboard History

It’s my own fault: I should be writing in a word processing program, instead of directly into the edit box at Suite101. In my defense, I was out of the habit for a while because their interface didn’t support the Chrome browser. So instead of using Internet Explorer or Firefox, I’d just write directly into the submission panel. But Suite101 is now compatible with Chrome and I was just being an idiot when I lost the entire article by accidentally clicking on the “back” button.

But WAIT- I had copied the entire article before I clicked away, surely all I need to do is paste it back into place, right?


Because after I’d copied the article, I’d copied the URL for the image credit.

But WAIT- did I paste it into this empty notepad file?

No- that’s where I intended to paste it, just for backup, y’know…

But WAIT… there must be a solution, let’s hear it, Google… there’s a website telling me about a program I can download that automatically saves my clipboard history in case I do what I already did. ┬áBut it doesn’t help me now, does it?

Yahoo Answers to the rescue, thank heaven…

Click on Start> Run, then enter the word clipbrd and it brings up an entire history of the clipboard feature.

Cool beans, huh?

Unfortunately, my article wasn’t in it. I’d never even copied it. I had to write the entire thing all over again from scratch. Not entirely from scratch because I’d already done the research, but still… it sucked.

Lesson to learn from this:

  • Write in a word processing program, not the submission box
  • Save your file frequently while you’re working
  • If you ever accidentally copy something before you’ve pasted something else, you can use my trick to access your clipboard history