Suite101 Scam

Every time I go to type Suite101 into the address bar of my Google Chrome browser, automatic search suggestions appear and the first one is always “Suite 101 scam.”  It bothers me because I am so grateful for the badass income I get from Suite 101 for what amounts to VERY minimal work. I’m also grateful for the excellent education they provide for SEO training.

So I decided to ACTUALLY search for “Suite101 scam” and see what comes up.  The results were a smattering of reviews from other websites.  Some were objective, some were  downright lies. The most amusing one was on hubpages and I’m absolutely not providing a link to it, because I don’t want to increase its ranking. I also regret leaving a comment because Google’s new May Day algorithm update interprets extra comments as a good thing.

One of my favorite discoveries was a message board on Writer’s Digest where a woman decided not to write for Suite101 because it was her intention to repost duplicate content from elsewhere and Suite requires original content. A man commented that it makes you wonder “who’s scamming who?”

Which made me think a bit… I’m a FW so I’m supposed to write 4 articles a month, right?  Each one takes me about an hour, including keyword research and image searching, so 4 hours a month, right?  This month I expect to bring in around $700, so that’s $175 an hour.  Oh my goodness, I’m making $175 an hour, I am totally scamming Suite101.  I wonder if they know.  They’re paying me and I’m probably not even dressed.  Plus- I use the SEO lessons they’ve taught me on other websites.. shhhhhhh.. don’t tell.  See, I’m totally scamming Suite101.

So the entire purpose of this post is to attempt to nudge away some of the inaccurate portrayals of Suite 101 being a scam.  Suite101 rocks.  But in order to accomplish this goal- we need LOTS of comments, lots of “shares” and tweets of this post and incoming links (I know, I’m shameless, right?)

So tell me- is Suite101 a scam, or are you scamming Suite101.com?  Let me know who is scamming who and feel free to blog about YOUR  Suite101.com scam experiences, hen add your link in my comments.  have fun 🙂