Another health insurance option for webwriters

Examiner.com recently announced that they’re providing another “perk” for writers.

You and your family now have access to a variety of discounted private health plans! Available through a new partnership powered by JLBG Health, this program is the go-to resource for finding affordable coverage and sound advice. With live help just a phone call away, their licensed professionals will point you in the right direction to help you find a plan that best meets your individual or family needs.

One thing writers need to keep in mind when participating in these programs is to READ THE FINE PRINT. You need to understand exactly what’s included in these plans. A lot of people were upset when they discovered that the Demand Studios health coverage plan wasn’t an actual complete insurance policy, in fact in some states it wasn’t even considered insurance at all. That doesn’t mean that the program is useless. You need to understand your needs and weight them against the benefits of the plan (which you’ll understand by reading the fine print) and then compare it to the cost. I am SURE that Examiner.com gets some kind of referral kickback for this. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal. It just means that there’s potential for finding a better deal. POTENTIAL.

Getting started is super easy. In the Pub Tool, click Examiner Perks in the top right row, then click “Examiner Health Plans” in the bottom left corner. This will direct you to the JLBG Health website, where you’ll find a box to enter your zip code and click “Get Quotes.” This will send you on your way to getting live help and/or all the details you may need.

If you’re not writing for Examiner.com you’re missing an easy $30 a month before traffic. You get basically $1 per local-focused entry, up to one a day and then you get paid for your traffic in addition. One excellent thing about examiner is that they allow (and encourage) liberal use of outbound links, so you can use your Examiner posts to wrap-up other articles you’ve written online.

Plus, people totally think it’s like a real newspaper.