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Right place at the right time- SWEET

I know you skim over marketing emails, too. 90% of them are just spam- designed to remind you that you once thought something was interesting enough to add yourself to an email list. But the fact is, for me anyhow, that if I don’t buy it right away, chances are that I won’t even open the many marketing emails that come day after day after day.

Except for one- I’ve learned so very much from Melissa Ingold’s Internet Marketing Sweetie System over the past few months. I wrote about her a while back in the post Why I Love Working Online I’m subscribed to her free reports (which are awesome, downloadable and I actually have them saved into a folder for research when my internet connection is down, or I’m in the car or otherwise can’t “work.”

Let me just toss out there that you may have heard her 3 yr old son died last week. I can’t even fathom that, first of all. My heart, as a mother, truly goes out to her right now. But as a woman, I am so very impressed that her business is able to go on without her attention. I know some people throw themselves into their work in times of stress. I’m the type that throw themselves onto the floor, I think I’d be a crying heap of blubber, even with other kids to care for. I’m sure I’d be useless.

I wondered- upon hearing the news, if her regularly scheduled emails would slack off a bit, but they’re not. Her business is running like clockwork because she’s set it up that way. I envy her for that, but not for the life situation she’s in right now.

Anyway- so I’ve been reading her marketing emails more closely lately, remembering how I’ve never been disappointed by the content.

This week her brand is unveiling a new copywriting course that they’ll be selling for like $50ish (I think- don’t quote me- I’m too lazy to look it up)

Anyhow- I didn’t have cash in my paypal last week when I got the request from another blogger to donate to her son’s funeral fund, so I was super happy to fork out a measly $10 for her Copywriting Sweetie Course because the free copywriting tips I’ve been getting have already been so helpful.

Actually- I subscribe to every free thing she has to offer, this will be the first thing I’ve paid for. Here is a list of her free programs (yes- my referral code is embedded, hello, this is my job!)

Free copywriting tips
Free information product tips
Free affiliate marketing tips
Free affiliate management tips
Free outsourcing tips
Free Internet Marketing Sweetie Course
Free article marketing tips
Free blogging tips
Free email marketing tips
Free Internet Marketing Prescriptions
Free copywriting quiz with custom report
Free Tips & Report for Internet Marketing Beginners
Free Video Tutorial & Blueprint on Resell Rights Products
Access to 2 Free Internet Marketing Sweetie Workbooks
Free Website Traffic Tips
Free How to Membership Site Tips
Free Mp3 Interview with Armand Morin

Everything I’ve ever read of hers has been informative, accurate and helpful. I hope you take advantage of the free advice she has for whatever your trouble spots are. Melissa and her SWEET team of contributors really do an excellent job of getting straight to the point and making web marketing make sense.

AND- now that I’ve actually spend money on a program for the first time EVER- you can be sure that I’ll write up a review. If you have any specific questions I should answer in my review- please let me know. I will specifically be looking to answer the question “Where could I have learned this without spending $10” because that’s my barometer. I know the information won’t be top secret, but WHAT makes it worth the money? And if there’s nothing, then I’ll probably start selling my own advice one day, who knows?

If you want to dive in with me and get the Copywriting Sweetie Course & Software at a discount, too, I’d love to share your review perspectives here, too. Just send me a note.