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OMG I’m writing for DS again

So, much to my surprise, I’m currently registered as a writer at Demand Studios.


If you don’t know the back story, here’s a link to the drama: OMG I got fired from DS

When Eve originally informed me of their decision, I sent a response, stating my side of the story.  I sent a note of apology to the CE who read my rant. A few weeks ago, I was invited back.

I haven’t written much there, because I’m in school now and I’ve picked up a few contracts that keep me busy and… well… the river is such a fun place to play.

I love that I wasn’t forgotten about. Of course, I’m impressed that the situation was re-examined.  I definitely did NOT expect that from a big company. I’m proud that I maintained dignity,  and didn’t grumble about it, waste time being angry and bitter, or criticize the company in any public forum.

But MOST OF ALL- I am extremely excited that DS has come up with a way to CHANGE the nature of communication between editors and writers. They just announced that editors will have the ability to choose from a checklist of pre-written responses.  I’ve never worked as an editor for DS before, but I can TOTALLY see how they might end up repeating themselves. “Captions must be under 12 words” and “Use active, not passive sentences”  It must be grueling. It’s no wonder they get crabby, honestly.

SO- big round of applause for DS for coming up with an innovative way to deal with one of their stickiest situations, and a big THANK YOU to Eve Lederman for giving me a second chance.