Making Money Online ReadBud website reviews

Get Paid to Read Articles

When you’re sick of writing and still need to do SOMETHING online, sign up for Readbud and get paid to read articles online.

I was referred to the site through Shanna Banana at and she’s done pretty well with the site. You need to get to $50 for the payment threshold. I made 41 cents in about 5 minutes.

Signing up is easy, you register with your name, email address and a password. After you confirm your email address, you pick 50 topics you’re interested in (they have hundreds- just check the little box) and you can read articles right away. If you’re a fast reader it’s easy. At the end of each article, you rate it with 1-5 stars. Good luck finding a 5 star article, by the way 🙂

Here’s my referral code, when you recruit others you get $5 when they reach payout. If you sign up without a referral code, no one gets the $5. You can also earn $5 by recruiting clients, but I haven’t looked at that yet.