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OK, so I’ve been writing for Break Studios for almost 2 weeks now. I promised I’d write up a review once I had them figured out. They’re really laid back, compared to Demand Studios. The titles are also really different. the pay is also significantly lower.

So far, it’s balancing out, though. I’m able to meet my daily financial goals in the same amount of time, now that I’ve figured out their publishing tool (SAVE DRAFT every 5 minutes or you’ll regret it) and their guidelines.

The back end of the site is intuitive, with the exception of the guidelines. In the publishing input tool, it tells you what type of article you’re writing, with a little question mark next to it. You’d think that would link to the guidelines for that type of article, when it really links to the keywording guidelines. Which is fine, but not really the best place to put it.

The actual guidelines are across the top of the page, and open in the same tab so you need to either right-click it, control click if you’re using a mac or just save the draft before you click away.

On the dashboard, it shows all of your articles- from forever- even after you’ve been paid. So you need to track your earnings yourself because there’s never a way to distinguish between the articles that are coming up for pay and the ones that have already been paid, unless you save all the emails they send.

Review times are slow, so write everything in your queue right away and hopefully before the pay period ends you can do a second batch.

I’m still not sure what the priority level means. Someone said that the high priority (level 1) articles were reviewed faster, but in my experience, the 1’s and 3’s were both reviewed the same day.

I’ve had 1 rewrite request, which listed 2 specific changes that needed to be made, but also unfortunately used the term “not in line with the writer’s guidelines” and instructed me to “go over the guidelines before resubmitting.” That’s really NOT helpful advice. I’m wondering if that was a condition in addition to the 2 specific changes, or if it was in reference to the specific changes. After completing the 2 changes requested, I skimmed over the guidelines and ended up reformatting something, I’m awaiting approval or rejection now, and wondering if I figured it out. Rewrite requests need to be specific.

I also didn’t even FIND the guidelines until after I’d submitted 2-3 articles and discovered that I’d done a few things wrong. The first few editors, I noticed, just changed my work. Which is fine, but I wish I had known, i could have saved them the trouble and done it right the first time.

So- review times are slow, articles are super easy, staff so far seems friendly, guidelines are easy to adhere to and in researching the matter, I haven’t found anyone complaining about not being paid from Break Studios.

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