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OMG I got fired from Demand Studios

I can’t believe what an idiot I am.

I got a rewrite at Demand Studios, right. It happens, right. Honestly, rewrites don’t bother me, but THIS one did. Not because the editor was wrong, but because of the way he communicated the instructions.

I was writing about the Great Smoky Mountains. I checked a map and discovered that they were along the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. The mountains are on the west border of North Carolina and the Eastern border of Tennessee. I wrote that Tennessee was on the east and NC was on the west. Oops. My bad. An honest, albeit careless mistake.

Anyhow, the rewrite request begins with “You’ve got some serious problems with your geography…” then goes on to say “You should look at a map or something because NC is on the east coast.”


Why so harsh? did he really have to mention it twice, in 2 different sentences?

And that’s just one thing the editor was rude about. Insanely rude about the most menial things. I wish I could remember everything, I can’t believe I didn’t save it.

Anyhow. Whenever I get a rewrite I’m uncomfortable with, I close it and come back to it a day or so later. Usually, at second glance, they’re not so bad and I can see past abrasive language and fix the article.

This one was so rude, though. Rewrites sit in the writer’s queue for 4 days, we have 4 days to fix them or they’re considered “abandoned” and we don’t get paid for them. Abandoning an article is a big deal- all the time you spent writing it is wasted. These days it takes me nearly an hour to write an article because I have so many distractions and I LOVE researching the travel articles.

I peeked at this one several times over the 4 days and just couldn’t get past the tone. It made my blood boil. There’s just no reason to be so rude, y’know. It’s just a job, it’s not politics or something. Speak kindly, that’s all I ask.

What I did next was wrong. Don’t try this at home.

In my defense, I had no idea that anyone would read the article after it was abandoned.

Anyway- I wrote a nasty- very nasty note to the editor. I cursed. I vented. And I previewed the article (which saves the note forever, never again to be edited or changed or removed)

I did NOT resubmit the article- so I had no idea that it would be read.

I don’t know if the editor saw it, God I hope not. It was rude. I know two wrongs don’t make a right.

But I got an email tonight saying they couldn’t keep me on as a writer. I’m officially fired from DS.

I didn’t send the note TO the editor, I didn’t resubmit it, I had no idea anyone would be reading it.

This doesn’t exactly feel fair.

I know what I wrote was rude, but I didn’t believe anyone would read it.

I guess I learned my lesson.

Thanks for the good times, DS. I was one of the ones that really liked you.
—————————————-edited to add……
Like the time when I bashed Angela Hoy’s method of “researching” and reporting on so-called content mills, then called her out personally, so other freelancers can steer clear of her nasty ways
And the time I defended the facts in the comments of an article where people were bashing Demand Studios (Actually, I did that a lot)
And the time I was interviewed for WM Freelance Connection and spoke highly of Demand Studios.

Last year at Demand Studios, I made over $10k in my spare time. Over the summer, there were days when I was making over $200 a day, to fund our family vacation. Contrary to what you may think, I’m not a pissed off newbie. I was on the USAToday team, I wrote for, trails travel,, and at $20 per article. I was there for almost 2 years. I’m not a Demand Studios basher, and I never will be. I support my family of 8 with income I earn writing online. I homeschool my kids, volunteer for the humane society, and babysit sometimes. I spend 20 hours a week driving my kids to and from dance, drama, singing, volunteering, and other activities. This is not the whining of a newbie, or a habitual “why me” kind of person. This is the truth, as I have experienced it.

You might also want to read “OMG I’m Writing for DS Again” for the rest of the story. I didn’t “stay” fired.