“Just like Demand Studios” except for…

Remember when Angela Hoy said that “There are plenty of places like Demand Studios” and I was like WTF??? Because I could sure use a few different titles to choose from, know what I mean? Plus, there are people who want to write online but can’t get on with Demand. So if there are really plenty of places, why did it take me over a month to find this one? Who knows, maybe because I wasn’t really looking. Either way….I present.. Break Studios.

The interface is clean and (for me anyhow) the application process began on a Friday afternoon and I got an acceptance note Monday afternoon.

Like DS, Break (I just couldn’t bring myself to call them BS) has a few sites that they provide content for. I’m only showing titles from MadeMan, which is odd, because I’m totally not a man, but whatever.

All the titles I have access to are $8 and articles are paid for after publication, once a month. It sounds like a long time compared to DS’ twice a week.

I haven’t written anything, I plan to skim the titles just for the experience and see if anything jumps out at me.

If you have positive or negative experiences with Break Studios, feel free to leave your comments here, we’re listening!

note: where DS shies away from titles of a sexual nature, Break Studios apparently embraces them, check out the MadeMan website or chickipedia. If you can make top ten lists of different kinds of porn stars (straight men, asian women, bleach blondes…) you’re in business!