Audiobooks & Outsourcing

I recently clicked an ad for audible.com in order to get a free audio book download. I keep meaning to get an iPod so I can listen to audio books while I clean house or cook dinner. I might even be inspired to exercise or something. Maybe not. Still, a girl can fantasize.

Anyway- I downloaded The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss and I’m loving it. I’m not that impressed with the dramatic skills of the person reading the audio, but that’s beside the point.

I’ve become inspired to outsource more of my work. Especially on my niche sites. I used to say “I can’t afford to outsource” and now I’m saying “I can’t afford not to.” I’ve taken a lot of this month “off” to hang out with my kids and it’s really all i want to do. Aside from the work I’ve been putting into my newest website (which I haven’t officially announced yet, but it’s going to be big) I haven’t written for Demand Studios for a while (though today I really should be).

Anyway- So I do recommend the book, it’s awesome. I put up a request for bidders on rent-a-coder and my next blog post will be “How to write your bid so you don’t look like an idiot.” You won’t believe how many stupid bids I’ve gotten. Here are a few, just for your pleasure:

Hello. I write article for you.

or how about

I can go lower if that’s too much.

Come on, people. Seriously? And the 2nd bidder actually only bid like $4 per 400 word article. You can go lower, really? Do I even want that? This is how those “send a test article” scams stay in business. I’m sure if I wanted to squeeze a test article out of the $4 fool, I could.