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I was lucky, I grew up with a computer in the house, I was like 12 when America Online first came out and since my Stepdad worked in the computer business, I was building my own websites before I finished high school. It’s always been a fun hobby. I forget, sometimes, that everyone doesn’t know HTML.

If you’re not sure what <pre> <div> <table> </table> </li> <span> are all about, or you’re wondering how to make a link without the little earth-and-chain icon, then check out this HTML4 and HTML5 Tutorial from w3Schools

Actually, the link I provided was for the index- I prefer to learn that way; targeting the exact information I need, when I need it. If you’re a “start-on-page-1-and-read-it-in-order” kind of learner, then just start at the top. The lessons are downloadable,too, for off-line use. (Yes you can build websites without internet)

Enjoy 🙂