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Why I Love Working Online

The other day, I came home tired after spending a fantastic day out in the REAL WORLD with my kids. We enjoyed hot cocoa from the espresso stand (OK- the kids had cocoa, I had a six-shot hazelnut latte, but I digress) We went to the humane society and walked dogs, we drove through for lunch (driving through is such a big deal for my kids, we almost NEVER do that) we played at the park, visited the mall, bought a few toys, turned up the radio and sang loudly in the car and had the most glorious time.

Imagine how I felt when I sat down to check my email that night and discovered that I’d made several affiliate sales. I was chatting with my friend Angela at the time, and we were both shocked. One sale, for $12.30, one for $24, one for $37. Between these affiliate sales and the residual income from my articles, plus the ad income from all my websites, I actually made more money than we spent that day. Without even working.

I loved this business before, but this was a new dimension for me. I can’t imagine a more wonderful career for mothers.

A lot of people struggling to build an online businesses think they have to learn how to figure out search engine algorithms, create extensive pay-per-click campaigns and write hard-hitting sales copy before they’ll start making any money. In other words, they THINK they have to learn and do a bunch of technical stuff before they can find success.

Those are all good tools to build your online businesses, but you don’t need to learn them all before you get started. One of the sales I made that day was from a link I placed almost 2 years ago. My friend, Alice Seba, has been using another tool to build her online business and she’s sharing her very best strategies…at no charge.

If you don’t know Alice, she is one of the most generous people you’ll ever meet and she has built a profitable business around the principle of giving and being nice to people. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when she announced this freebie offer. Her “Internet Marketing Sweetie System” shows you, in very specific ways, how to:
– increase your website traffic
– build better relationships with your prospects
– get more referrals to increase your sales
– networking for longterm success
– transform your competitors to partners

…all with “Internet Marketing Sweetie” principles in mind. It’s nice to know nice guys and gals can get ahead in their online business. Check it out and get your instant access at: