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Angela Hoy’s Writer’s Weekly Newsletter

Since such a lot of my website’s traffic seems to be for the term “writers weekly” I felt that it was important for me to distance myself professionally from Angela Hoy.

She has a vendetta against webwriters.

She repeatedly publishes articles calling all internet writing sites “content mills” and declaring, one after another, that they’re scams.

She prints pages and pages of horror stories from people who tried webwriting and failed. She rarely prints the responses of people who have found success because that wouldn’t fit into her “content mills are scams” format.

She runs a self-publishing website, that’s her business. So she’s not about teaching you how to find a real publisher because she wants YOU to pay HER for your publishing.

I’m not completely against self publishing, in fact, with dropshipping and Amazon’s programs, self-publishing might be a good idea for way more people now, whereas 20 years ago it wasn’t a good move.

I can’t help but remember some advice I heard many years ago, though. “Literary agents and publishers are experts in marketing books, you are not. If they don’t believe they can make money on your book, then why would you?”

On the other hand, if you’re writing a book on the subject, you clearly know something a publisher doesn’t. If you can market yourself (and the internet makes that so easy these days) then self-publishing might be for you.

So what is she afraid of? I tend to believe that people who are irrational or erratic are acting out of fear.

Is she really afraid she’ll lose business because a web writer can make $10 an article year after year after year when her clients only get paid when their books sell? In once instance, when she was bashing a revenue-share site, Angela quoted a writer who made $10 per article and say it’s a crime to write that cheap.

What she’s failing to admit, though, is that this writer will be paid year after year for her article and all she had to do was write it. She didn’t have to send a query letter and try to sell it. In the long run, the successful webwriter spends far less time per article and instead of being paid once, gets paid forever. As her SEO skills improve, the webwriter gets paid more and more for each article.

I’m not sure why she’s so bitter, or why she doesn’t just try to do a better job of FAKING objectivity because she’s so painfully and obviously against webwriting that she looks like a fool with her monthly bashing of them.

I bet it just kills her to see how much her traffic has increased due to her scandalous editorials. Her resistance to web writing has had an effect upon her business that she’s failing to realize.

No one likes a Negative Nellie. It’s becoming obvious that she’s not objective and she’s looking like a fool. The fact is, there are several people making a badass income online, combining revenue share, residual income, pay-per-click, affiliate ad sales, newsletters and niche blogging. No, you probably won’t make a living from one site, whether it’s your own or someone else’s. But her ignorance about webwriting as a career is painfully obvious. Her misquotes and biased language give her as much credibility as a raving lunatic.

If you want to learn more about self-publishing, she is undoubtedly a great resource. For making money online, though, she’s not a resource or authority to take seriously. Look toward successful web writers for advice about that. I recommended two in my post “How to Find new Writing Sites before Everyone Else.”