Considering writing for Examiner.com?

If you’re planning to write for Examiner.com, there are a few things you should look at.

#1- your topic. Do you have enough ideas to create at least an article a day in your topic area? They used to require 4 articles a week but now the requirement is that you’re not PAID unless you’ve submitted something in the last 30 days. I think that’s fair, imagine someone creating a money-making batch of articles, or choosing a topic that automatically grabs hits, but never really submits anything. It just wouldn’t be fair.

#2- the pay. For most examiners, it’s around $9 per 1000 visitors. For the average Suite101 writer, who makes $2-$3 per 1000 that’s a good thing. But for Suite 101 writers who are making more than that, the $9/1000 can be a step down.

EDITED to add- I logged in to check my earnings and it appears that they’re paying an additional $1 per post (up to 1 a day) for posts that adhere to the word count and local-interest guidelines. Boy was I surprised to see the earnings boost. Way to go, Examiner.

EDITED to add- earnings boost was due to a particularly compelling headline I wrote, the local-interest thing apparently shows up later. Way to go, me.

#3- the style. Examiner allows 1st person reviews occasionally, but it’s not a blog. Articles are supposed to be 200-400 words of news-style reporting, with plenty of outbound hyperlinks.

#4- Your location. They started out only in major US Cities, but a recent wave of new cities (Plus Canada) means that there are examiner positions in a lot of smaller areas. Earn money generated by your articles. Check Examiner.com to see if your city is represented. If you end up applying, please use my referral code 10043 when they ask you “Were you referred here by a current Examiner?” You may also be able to use my name (Lisa Russell, Seattle homeschooling Examiner)

#5- Your business. If your “other business” is computer repair, you might want to apply as your local computer repair examiner, and be seen as an authority in the topic. If you’re a veterinarian, apply as the local pet care examiner. If you blog about local restaurants, apply for a food-related position. Don’t look at Examiner as a JOB- look at it as a way to make you look like an expert at your job

Being an Examiner is a great opportunity, 200-400 words aren’t difficult to write, mine take me about 5-10 minutes to research, usually on the tail end of another project.

Write for Examiner.com