Better newsletter handling for niche bloggers

Remember I complained about how Constant Contact didn’t meet my need, which was namely

A- to create a form whereby an entirely new set of subscribers could subscribe to an entirely different newsletter from a different website, all of which I could manage from my ONE account

I think I found one that does, it’s called Your Mailing List Provider and I actually forgot that I had been using them.

Setting up a second group was easy, plus they allow you to ask a few more questions, in case you want to create sub-lists later. I had to fiddle with the settings, my first audience was so different compared to the new list I’m trying to make, so I had to change settings but overall they seem really easy to set up, for what I want.

You can bet that if I have problems down the line I’ll be reporting them.

Anyway- if you’re a niche blogger who wants to start a newsletter, check out YMLP, because they can handle a simple straightforward task that Constant Contact failed at.

Aweber- yeah, I haven’t tried it yet because I don’t want to enter my credit card information. I have a bad habit of forgetting to unsubscribe before the billing starts and I don’t want to play that game.

By the way, YMLP is totally free, but if you pay you get more stats and contacts (so start free and then work your way up.)