Magazine Writing

Writing for Homeschooling Magazines

The whole purpose of this website originally was to help writer moms break into magazine writing. It’s really not rocket science. Over the past year or so, it’s become focused more on online writing instead of magazine writing.

Since my passive income is AALLLMMOOSSTT enough to live on (although we’re definitely not living like kings) I have decided to spend more time focusing on magazine writing.

That book I mentioned writing will benefit from having my name “out there” in homeschooling circles, so I plan to submit articles to homeschooling magazines.

I should have probably done this a long time ago. Actually I have, I’ve had several pieces published in the Home Educator’s Family Times, but when you’re on a first name basis with the editor, it’s not that difficult. Perhaps I should get on a first name basis with other editors. OMG, I am. This is getting easier by the minute.

I plan to redesign the front page of this site, so that one side is for web content writers and the other side is for magazine writers. If you’ve ever thought about writing for magazines, come along on this journey with me.

At the top of this page, there’s a link to “Get Published in Regional Parenting Publications” by my awesome friend Kerry, who just had a baby. Kerry is an inspiration and her book was really easy to follow, so check it out.

Come along, let’s submit to print publications. I don’t see how the time factor can make it a profitable venture, but the exposure that comes from reaching people offline is probably a good thing. And whenever my book comes out, I’ll have an audience who may notice.

And the adventure begins, tonight.

Here’s an article that lists all of the Homeschooling magazines I know about. Admittedly, it’s a bit deficient in the Christian Homeschooling publications, there are a lot more of them in existence, that I didn’t include here.

Here’s a link to a live document with homeschool magazine writer’s guidelines that I’ve collected. More to come…