For the record

I’m writing a book now.

There are lots of new things to learn.

Before I get started too much, I want to thank google, Suite101 and eHow for giving me creating an environment where I have the freedom to get paid without working so much.

Carry on while i climb down from the rooftop and feel free to pester me about it being done yet.

However, if I ever post a blog entitled “For the Record” again, requesting that you stop pestering me, please be respectful of that and know that I must have a reason for sabotaging myself. Perhaps I won the lottery or researched my topic & discovered it wasn’t “all that.”

However, it really is and I’m surprised I didn’t think of it sooner.

Now… off to find the perfect publisher and check out their guidelines. If you have resources or advice for finding a publisher (nonfiction, parenting, sustainability, self improvement) please let me know