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New Magazine Guidelines

My friends in Texas Barb and Sarah have just officially announced the upcoming publication of

Rethinking Everything Magazine.

Basically, if you’ve madea  monumental, life-changing decision then they want to hear your story. Go check out their guidelines, read through some of the titles to see if perhaps you have something to submit. You can also subscribe, each issue is guaranteed to be an uplifting look at the human spirit, I know Barb and Sarah and I think they should put a little hanky in every edition because these ladies are very tuned in to the empowering nature of self-design and I am sure that they will choose stories that are empowering and easy to relate to. The whole idea makes me want to make a monumental life changing decision just to write about it. I guess having 6 kids is monumental.

Did I mention each story is worth $100? That part is important. Have fun.