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Suite101 earnings

SO- last month, Suite101 nnounced that one of our fellow writers had just about reached the $5000 mark for August Earnings (or was it July?) Either way- that’s so darned inspiring. We all guessed and estimated and stalked eachother out, and finally they announced who the lucky lady was. She was definitely on my short-list, being that her topic area is fraught with high cpc keywords. She’s a prolific writer, uploading 5-8 articles a week (on Suite101, that’s huge- the minimum commitment is 1 a week and most people only do that)

Here’s the kicker.

Her first article was December 13, 2007 mine was January 12, 2008.

So she’s only been there a month longer than I have.

As of today, she has 240 articles published and I have 126

So she writes twice as much as I do.

Due to a recent change in the Suite101 rules, we’re now allowed to say what we’re earning (up until now I’ve had to say things like “just over 500” and “almost 1000”)

Let me throw a few numbers at you, just because I can now!

My biggest day EVER at Suite 101 was $48.04 and last month, I had seven biggest days ever.

Last month I averaged 6.64 per article for the month (check out my last post where other writers were talking about getting 50 cents each)

Lena’s getting over $20 per article per month. So between her and all the whiners, my $6ish isn’t THAT impressive.

So- I’ll try to write more than I talk about writing now because I’m getting my ass kicked.

AND- one day I’ll upload a graphic image of my Suite earnings, it looks so cool in my spreadsheet.