Making Money Online SEO writing success

Pssst…. It’s all about the money

I can’t say this where I WANT to say it, so I’ll say it here.

One of the sites I write for is a revenue-sharing site and I get a LOT of money there for very little effort.

Other writers, apparently not so much.

On the forums, they were discussing how much they got from each article per month. Apparently some writers are only making 50 cents to a dollar, and that’s the average. I don’t think I’d work for that little.

My averate at that site per article per month is currently over $6

Also, writers there are happy to get $2 for every thousand visitors, but my experience is between $15 and $20 per thousand visitors.

The average percentage of articles with over 100 page views per week, on that site is around 20% and mine is about 70%

So- I’m doing well apparently, better than the other writers at the site. I was reading, though, trying to figure out exactly why I was having success, in order to continue with it, and I finally found the secret.

I focus on the money.  Sure- I don’t want garbage articles that people read, only to  decide I’m an idiot. however, when I choose keywords, titles and subtitles, I do it with a specific purpose of making money.

Why would anyone decide to sign up for a website to make money, and then proceed as if money weren’t the goal.  “I just want to write high quality articles”  Really- OK?  I don’t get it. In my mind, time I spend online NOT MAKING MONEY is wasted. I have six kids to feed, clothe, send to college and marry off, why would I waste my time writing for fun?  If I wanted fun, I’d drop my computer in the hot tub and splash around with them. but first I’d check my email, because I have about 12,000 messages that I haven’t even read yet because I’m too busy MAKING MONEY.

Anyways, I didn’t feel comfortable ranting this rant on that website’s forums.  My advice- never take SEO writing advice from someone who isn’t motivated by money.  Otherwise you could end up “happy” making zilch. I’m a lot happier making money, but that’s just me.