Grant Writing

How to Learn Grant Writing Online for Free

There are free courses online to help you learn how to write grant proposals. Whether you have your own nonprofit organization or you’d like to work as a grant writer, or write a grant for a friend, there’s plenty of free resources online to help you learn how to write a grant and where to find grants.

1- Take an online course in grant writing. Grant writing certification isn’t necessary, but it teaches you all of the important skills that you’ll need to learn how to write grants, and about foundations & philanthropy

2- Attend fund raising committee meetings for the nonprofit organizations you’re involved in and learn from successful grant writers. Sometimes, because of their history, these groups get grant announcements in the mail, other times, their grant writers are skilled at researching grants.

3- Learn where to find grants. There are a lot of stimulus bill grants that have just been released, they may be a source that can help.

tip – Volunteer your services as a grant writer and help the PTA, the Girl Scouts or your church.

warning – Grants are not a secret and the information isn’t difficult to obtain. be wary of companies that try to sell you a list of grants. A lot of grant writers offer tips for getting grants on their personal blogs and websites.