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How to Do a Google Image Search

Everyone talks about doing a google search for images, are you getting annoyed, wondering why you’re the only one who can’t figure this out. It’s OK, if you were I wouldn’t have written this.

Step 1- go to and enter the thing you want a picture of (horses, kittens, writers, etc)

Step 2 – after the text results come up, look at the top of the page, where it says “Web Images Video Map News Shopping Gmail More” and click on the word images. yep, it’s that easy. have fun.

WARNING – If you’re looking for images to use in your blog posts, then you can’t really use this method because someone owns the copyright to all those images. You need to go to a special website (not google) that allows you to use their images royalty free. There are several. My favorite is I know morgue is a nasty sounding word, but they’re totally not pictures of dead people. In the newspaper business, all the pictures that didn’t end up printed were said to go into the morgue file. Sorry it’s not more dramatic.

If you have a favorite stock-photo website, that allows easy free use of images, then let me know via comments. I know there are several, but since my laptop has been stolen, i just use morguefile. I remember there were a few that were so darned complicated that I just avoided them. I don’t want those.