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Someone is blowing smoke.

Or perhaps it’s $5000 worth of

I think in the past few years I’ve known one or two moms who have made decent income from They both said the same thing, that the bulk of their income came from the Marketplace articles, that Helium sells to other clients.

When you look through the article son helium, you might notice that a majority of them suck. Serious freelance writers tend to avoid sites like helium and triond and even Bukisa because they have no editorial standards. At least with Bukisa and Xomba, not only are you paid to write garbage, but you can use the content to direct people to your other work, but helium doesn’t allow external links. Getting paid just to LINK to other work you’ve done is fun and can increase your income exponentially.

So- when I found this article (actually it’s an article about an article) today about someone who makes $5,000 a month writing one hour a week for helium, I was in shock. I just don’t think it’s true. Perhaps their helium articles are marketing a product that they’re earning 5k/month for? Perhaps they’re writing about mortgages or something with a high value cpc. Either way, I don’t believe it.

What is your experience with helium? Who here is raking in the bucks at helium? Because I’m not too proud to go back there if something awesome is going on, but I doubt it.