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I’m writing for Examiner now

I just wanted to announce that I was recently made the Seattle Homeschooling Examiner. All the other writer-moms are doing it, right? I’ll admit, my first two articles aren’t brilliant, but why waste brilliance at the beginning, right? So now when all the other writer-moms are talking about their experiences and advice for The Examiner, I better listen. Since their reputation is news-y I figured I’d google the term “Seattle homeschool may 2009” and I was surprised to find the examiner already at the top of the list, with yesterday’s posts from fellow Suite101 writer Sara McGrath. Apparently we were brought on at the same time, shes brand new, too and her topic is “Homeschooling for beginners.” Anyway, she’s an excellent writer and if I come across any amazing Examiner writing advice, I will share it here first. Anyways, the $10/1000 is a good thing. The 4x/week might not be. We’ll see.