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Free Tip for Making Money with Google Search

magnifying-glassIf you’re already using adsense and haven’t tried Google Search- you totally should. Here’s what you do:
1. Login to your adsense account and create an “adsense for search” ad.
2. Pick however you want it to look
3. Enter all the URLs for only the sites you write for, so that only those sites will be searched.
4. Add it to your blog- like I did below. Just because you can, I really haven’t made a dime with mine like this- but having it handy is important because you can
5. Use it to search for something, then copy the searchcode URL to use as a link in whatever you’re writing. Like an eHow article for WRG or DS by chance.

For example, if I were writing about mini laptops, I’d search my OWN sites for mini laptops “lisa russell” and then I’d use the link somewhere in the text or in the resource section, so that if someone is interested in the topic, all of my work on the subject would come up first, along with ads I get paid for, followed by results that aren’t mine, from other sites.

I’ve only done this a few times, I’m not sure how effective it is, but it can’t hurt.

Alternate Idea-
In step 3, you might be able to enter all of your URLs, but I don’t know if that would be worth the effort to constantly update them, so I opt to include my name in quotation marks, to ensure that my stuff comes up first. If they can find what they want from another writer, then at least I’m directing them to support the safe sites I write for, rather than random sites that might have viruses, or link farms.

A link farm is where you search for something and click on the results, it takes you to another search page. Then another, then another. It’s very frustrating to the readers. used to be a lot like a link farm, but they’re getting better.