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Freelance Writers Needed; Freelance Writing Opportunities

There’s never been a better time than the present for becoming a freelance writer. There are so many opportunities. This is the information age. If you have a burning desire to write and tell a story, to share information and resources then you are ready to take the next step.

You can find information for how to become a freelance writer on WAHM message boards and forums for work at home moms. Companies who want their online businesses to succeed need to have writers with SEO skills in order to have their pages indexed properly by the search engines.

Since many of these website owners and online business developers are not professional writers, and not in the business of writing, they need to hire moms to write articles for them.

Content writing for the internet is a fantastic freelance writing opportunity. Jobsites like Craigslist also list jobs for freelance writers.
Check your local craigslist first, then in neighboring communities. Deb Ng hosts a popular freelance writing website that compiles job listings for writers who can telecommute or work from home. If you’re a blogger or writer looking to work from home, then you should totally
check out the resources available online for freelance writers, by visiting sites that list jobs.

You can find local writing job opportunities offline, too

Publish Newsletters

Check with apartment complexes, large companies, and retirement centers to see if they publish a newsletter. It’s an easy business to set up, investigate the cost of printing, add in your hourly rate for however many hours you think it will take.

Place a contribution box in the community, so that readers can add their news items or other information to the publication. If the organization is nonprofit, or otherwise afraid they can’t afford it, you can try to find a larger company to sponsor the publication. With enough sponsors, you could be making quite a nice income.

Be an Editor

Make contact with your local printing houses, and let them know that you’re available for editing or proofreading. You can get an interesting assortment of jobs this way; everything from restaurant menus to newsletters, sales brochures, coupon books, signs, and any other printed thing you can imagine. You have to be good at that
sort of thing, though. I’m not. I’m more of a word machine than a word filterer.

You can find or create freelance writing opportunities in every community. Wherever people are reading or writing anything at all, you can find opportunities. Learning to find writing jobs is important for any freelance writer. I know a lady who created a proofreading job in town by calling herself the “word police” and sending tickets out to every company with a mis-spelled sign, menu, advertisement or catalog entry. Hopefully if she reads this she’ll go easy on me.