Grammar Rules and Spelling Help for Freelance Writers

Free Online Resources to Help You be a Better Writer
If you would like to brush up on your English and grammar skills, it’s never too late. I see a lot of women who want to be professional writers, but their blogs and personal emails are full of spelling and punctuation errors. I am guilty of it, too. Writing until 4 in the morning sometimes does not help. The best I can do is trust my girl friends to correct me, not hit “submit” until I’ve seen it with fresh eyes, and pray that my editor catches them before a contrary reader does.

If you have similar issues, don’t let them stop you from following your dream. Do the very best you can, continue learning and remind yourself that editors and proofreaders exist for a reason. I have
a friend who is a fantastic proofreader, but she’s not very imaginative and hates writing. We’re all here for a reason. If you’re here to write, to tell a story, to shape the collective consciousness of readers, then by all means, get busy and write already.

If you keep hearing that you violate specific writing rules, look
them up. Commit to fixing them. If there’s one thing women are
great at, it’s reinventing themselves. You don’t suck simply
because you can’t tell a there from a their from a they’re. You
need to learn it, and you can learn it and you should learn it. But
you don’t suck.

So far, the most comprehensive resource I have found for
improving your writing skills is called “Lousy Writer.” Their site speaks
directly to writers and it’s great for addressing quick questions.