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Web Content Providers Quick Easy Online Income for Moms

Become a writer writing content for websites. Moms can set their own hours and get writing jobs from home. Become a writer and write web content for the Internet. A web content provider writes articles for internet websites.

For example; if you make and sell baby sling carriers, more people will find your site if you have helpful articles and advice about baby wearing. Hiring an article writer to help your readers learn to use their sling, explaining the benefits or baby wearing and helping them understand the differences between your product varieties goes a long way to earning them as a customer. Compare that model to just throwing a bunch of “buy me now” buttons on the site. Modern
consumers are savvy. They want to know you and your brand before they commit.

The content-providing industry is fraught with foreign content writers who provide words for as little as $.0001 However, they suck. A good (Native English Speaking) content writer can make a fairly decent living by writing for content agencies and large websites.

After 6 months as a content provider, I was able to schedule myself to bring in $3000 a month. However, the hours I put into the field, the lack of opportunities for advancement and the lack of credibility bothered me. I was never able to actually meet that goal every singe day, I get distracted by “social networking” and end up doing half the work I intended.

I still write content, and I highly recommend all stay at home mom writers spend time writing content. There are three main ways to get paid for writing content;

1. Create your own website and keep 100% of the advertising revenue
2. Write for a larger site and get ?% of the revenue (They never tell you the exact percentage)
3. Write for a larger site and be paid a flat fee per article while they enjoy the long term residuals

There are advantages to each model, but they all share some similarities, too.

* You can rack up writing credits
* You generally choose the topics (not so much with flat fee sites)
* Income flows quickly (with flat fee sites)
* SEO key wording is a valuable skill
* Large content sites provide training (Suite101, eHow, BellaOnline,
Associated Content, Helium, About)
* Some large sites allow you to work with editors (Suite101)
* You can create multiple streams of largely passive income
* You can drive traffic to your own website
* Your confidence grows seeing your name “in print”