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Freelance Writing for Bella Online

BellaOnline does not pay writers directly, instead they allow writers to place up to 2 affiliate links at the bottom of their articles. BellaOnline has a supportive social environment whereby writers from each section help each other succeed. Site owner, Lisa Shea has coordinated programs to help writers create and market e-books and dvds. If you write and market your ebook using BellaOnline, you get 100% of the revenue. Bella is a great place to write for. Their “system” benefits and rewards the writers who take it seriously.

They have an extensive training program which is great for people who are new to web writing. The SEO keyword training is not the most advanced, and I think if you want to really drive traffic into your Bella site, you should study SEO outside of the Bella writer’s training.

It’s an older content management system, so it has little twitches, the stats aren’t automatically updated, or very intuitive. It might be a fine site for driving readers toward your other work. the requirement is very minimal, 1 article a week. I post-dated mine out for forever and writing them only takes 20-30 minutes. My topic isn’t very lucrative, lesson learned! The other writers there are a bunch of awesome ladies and Lisa Shea has weekly chats to help you learn more about writing online.