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Leaving the house each day

I made a commitment to myself a few months ago, I was going to leave the house each day. You’d think with 6 busy children I’d be running around constantly, but I’ve managed to arrange enough carpools and activities at our house that I discovered once that I hadn’t left the house for 3 days. Friends and neighbors had come and gone, I had gotten dressed three times and never actually gone anywhere. Gas was almost $4 a gallon, so it was a smart financial situation. I used to work outside the home for 12-16 hours a day, so this would be, I guess, the natural opposite end of the spectrum. The only problem, though is that it’s entirely against my nature, and I was going a little nuts. I’d stand in line at the grocery store and compose blog posts for my fellow shoppers, making fun of me. I’d imagine how I’d feel stumbling upon what they had written. Surely, that’s just one notch away from schizophrenia. Just a notch higher than actually having multiple blogs (come on, we all know you have multiple blogs) Anyways, when evening rolls around if I haven’t left the house, I step out the front door and sip a cup of coffee on the porch. Nothing is sweeter than smelling the night air, knowing the kids are safe in bed. Sometimes I can hear them giggling and shushing each other. When I finally come inside, after listening to the train a few miles away, the crickets, the wind, the neighbor’s dog, I’m not thinking of writing, or web design, I’m just thinking “This is the life.”